welcome to my homepage

this is my first time coding!
i will work on this slowly overtime
for fun!!!
this page is a personal one and has no
association with yotsuba&! or its author
please enjoy your time here!

i am heavily inspired by

about yotsuba

yotsuba koiwai
(小岩井 四葉) is the
main character of
the manga yotsuba&!
and try!try!try!

she is a 5-year old
girl who lives with
her adoptive father
in japan


december 11th: happy holidays! here is some winter themeing :] i've been so busy with school i havent been able to do anything, plus i don't have any ideas for stuff to add. i love yotsuba but sticking to a theme is pretty limiting!!

june 21st: its summertime! fixing and adding stuff

march 23rd: fixed broken stuff

march 19th: site made!

volume 15 is the most recent manga release!
it is currently november and runs from chapter 98-108

snowy - undertale